Reaching for Help - A Humanitarian Story - Dmitry Shuster Photography

During a recent trip to Turkey, I was saddened by the large amount of Syrian refugees that are displaced throughout the country. While walking near a market, we were approached by a family and the children wore hungry looks on their faces. We purchased some sweets for them, and after they finished eating they politely asked if we had more food to offer. Approximately 500,000 Syrian refugees live in makeshift shelters or camps around Turkey, and many of them have been relegated to wandering the streets in search of food to survive.

This is a very real humanitarian crisis, and one can quickly grasp the amount of suffering these people experience on a daily basis. War is not something that affects an isolated few, but rather is capable of devastating entire countries and impacting millions of lives. These were all candid shots, taken to represent the heartbreak and despair experienced by those who fled their home country in search of refuge. I hope to raise awareness through some of these pictures.

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